MGI Opens Early Access Program for Pioneering Ultra-High-Throughput Sequencer – MGISEQ-T7

MGI Opens Early Access Program for Pioneering Ultra-High-Throughput Sequencer - MGISEQ-T7

MGI a subsidiary of a global leader in genomics BGI Group said it had installed 1,000 MGI sequencers in 16 countries. Chief Operating Officer, MGI, Dr. Hui Jiang announced the availability of company’s early access program for its novel ultra-high-throughput genetic sequencer, MGISEQ-T7 during a demonstration at China Focus – JPM Week on the eve of the 37th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. The innovative sequencer MGISEQ-T7 gradually improves speed, input/output data, and flexibility of DNA sequencing by allowing simultaneous but separate operation for up to four flow cells in a single process. Also, the unique quad-flow cell platform enables multiple flow cells with assorted read lengths and applications to be processed separately at any time. Sequencing of PE-150 takes not more than 24 hours at full load to complete.

The MGI patented technologies, comprising ‘DNBseq’ used in T7, deliver remarkably high accuracy and enhance efficiency through upgrades to the fluidics, flowcell, and optical and biochemical systems. The platform can generate up to 6Tb of daily data, equal to up to 60 whole human genomes in a single day. The modern MGISEQ-T7 sequencer can complete 100,000-population-genome program in just one year and at a much lower cost, while in the past it took four to six years to complete.

The early access program encourages alliance on the development of genetic technologies and applications. It permits customization of instruments and reagents and pioneering financial models. MGI is planning to expand this program globally over the coming year. The MGI platform is gaining support around the globe, with more than 135 publications using MGI sequencers and over 20 petabytes of data produced.

Further its sequencer product portfolio, MGI has built a product portfolio of automated sample preparation units to meet the needs of ultra-high throughput genomic sequencing. Dr. Jiang also unveiled the MGISP workstations series of products for sample making, MegaBOLT series of products for accelerating bioinformatics analysis, and ZLIMS software system for lab management with NGS sequencing process.

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