Nike Unveils Self-Lacing, App-Controlled Sneakers of the Future

Nike Unveils Self-Lacing, App-Controlled Sneakers of the Future

Nike’s been teasing a new advancement in basketball sneakers for a while, but now the world’s major shoe maker has exposed ‘the future of the game’ with Nike Adapt BB – high-tech shoes which are not only self-lacing and app-controlled, but will also automatically adjust to the foot. It is the newest iteration of the high-tech footwear, first referred to in the film ‘Back to the Future Part II’, and made reality by Nike in year 2016. The latest version will cost $350 and will not necessitate a physical button to activate the laces. The Adapt BB — the BB stands for “basketball” — build on Nike’s decades-long dream to generate an auto-lacing smart shoe that adapts to wearers’ feet. The company wants to primarily change footwear and, of course, sell more shoes.

Some magical tech inside the shoe means you can customize the fit and control the shoe over a smartphone app which will store your preferences. You can then input distinctive fit settings for different moments in the game, loosening it for a timeout and tightening before you re-enter the game. “That is the comprehensive vision, or the biggest dream, that the product becomes so synergistic to your body. It just knows almost kind of what you’re thinking,” says Eric Avar, VP & creative director at Nike Innovation. “It’s a natural extension of your body.”

The brand added that it plans to develop the technology used in the shoes to other games and shoe ranges in the future. On Monday, Nike released news of the trainers’ release on Instagram showing a number of prominent basketball players using a phone to adapt the fit of the shoes. The video was supplemented by the message: “The game will never be the consistent.” Michael Sawh, editor of wearable tech website Wareable said: “Obviously this is a big nostalgic signal to the self-lacing shoes from Back to the Future that have now gone from movie prop to the real deal. When Nike published these last year, there was a whole lot of thrill around them. I think there’s going to be a lot of movie fans and Nike sneaker fans that will want these in their collection.

According to Nike, the Adapt BB uses a custom-motor and tension-sensing gears to automatically adjust the snugness of each sneaker on a player’s feet.  Using the Nike Adapt app, players can also physically input different settings and tensile strength, with the laces skilled of pulling 32 pounds of force, which Nike says is crudely equivalent to “that of a standard parachute cord”. Nike’s FitAdapt technology will also be getting regular firmware updates which players can opt into, making Adapt BB the company’s “first constantly updated performance product” with a precision fit that will get better over time.

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